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Why is Taobao micro-blog's live video platform becoming more and more vertical?

ring millet live broadcast,
micro-blog also recently on-line live service,
hoping to rely on micro-blogs huge traffic will be added to the new live video services elements.
In addition,
Taobao also broadcast after the test operation for more than two months after officially launched,
the platform located in the consumer to live,
to attract consumers,
products through live of celebrity live products will be more advantage with fans.
From Taobao and micro-blogs action,
more and more inclined to live video server functional products,
prior to the guest,
YY Ying Betta,
belong to the pan entertainment platform.
to live video will therefore change? Vertical industry live video much demand? Broadcast industry is rising,
the tipping point is the recent live gaming game.
Although the traditional YY broadcast platform operation for many years,
but keep their turf and will not live out.
the intense battle around the live anchor began,
and even broke out the annual salary of millions of anchor,