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Watch Mount Everest will build graffiti blacklist, named criticized this tour

ring News Network May 13 news media said,
in order to eliminate the leading up to the summit of Mount Everest along the way to spread the tour graffiti,
Chinese vowed to criticism in the monument and signs the worlds most magnificent mountains surrounding the graffiti vandals named,
graffiti and other uncivilized behavior of tourists to establish a blacklist system,
and in late May by the media exposure.
The Mount Everest base camp on the monument graffiti according to the British Daily Telegraph website reported on May 11th,
the move coincides with the scenic spots of Mount Everest began to enter the tourist season.
Graffiti will also be set up to meet people who wish to leave messages near the worlds highest peaks.
Were going to set up a blacklist system for uncivilized behavior like graffiti and expose it in the media,
said Gu Chunlei,
a travel official.
Reported that visitors to the Mount Everest scenic spot were required to apply real name registration,
which means that it is easy