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Talk about three trends in wearable devices on CES, which is what AppleWatch should look like

ring  ago,
smartphones began to break out,
and the technology industry poured into many new players who had not been in the industry.
For example,
the current smartphone overlord apple.
It is also because of the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone began many years ago was concerned,
after years of development,
consumers are quad core,
eight nuclear concepts such as fried dizzy,
gradually into the bottleneck of the development of intelligent mobile phone.
In fact,
the entire consumer electronics market in the smart phone is still far from the top of the time,
they began looking for new explosive spots.
Perhaps because of the presence of MWC,
CES is a technology show that has never really played a leading role in mobile phones.
Outside the mobile phone outbreak point,
but CES as a big stage.
The new flashpoint also changes over time,
starting with the Google Glass,
smart wearable emerging.
Smart wearable three future trends,
if only on the first impression,
many people think that smart wearab