chrome hearts

Sing more than life

ring ers,
the bar singer is just a human jukebox.
How ridiculous it would be to talk about art,
ideas and musical performance at this time of the year.
Is life,
singing more than by Yue Lin sing,
feeling tired,
very few have.
In general,
the bitter work for a week,
the weekend is about three or four or five or six friends went to the KTV,
to stop singing Mic king,
are in this state.
People will envy the singers life,
singing every day,
enjoying himself,
enjoying applause,
and feeding himself on a pair of voices.
That sounds so easy.
Remember the film swallowtail butterfly in the movie,
said the actress,
I dont like singing.
I think I like singing.
Because I write songs,
I like to express my work to the audience.
But a song that includes more than just vocals,
and lyrics,
the most important is,
ideological content,
artistic value and spiritual height.
Music is art.
Personally feel that the show just giggle and flirt,
curry fav