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Shoes enterprises have to be transferred to the point, NO doing so than Vietnam's shoe factory more cattle

ring  truth of the industry,
insight into the future of shoes industry,
the shoes must be transferred to the point? Do you have to move to Southeast Asian countries? NO!!! No,
then how do we break through? I suggest you have a look.
Question: at present the domestic and foreign enterprises have shoes transferred to Southeast Asia or Africa impulse,
can from the trend analysis,
the apparel enterprises are to be transferred? This question is very good,
probably in 8 years,
10 years ago,
I first put forward a 6+1 industry chain in china.
Whats 6? 6 refers to: first,
product design,
second raw materials procurement,
third warehousing and transportation,
fourth orders processing,
fifth wholesale business,
sixth retail; 1 refers to: product manufacturing.
And this is the smile curve,
the manufacture is the lowest,
is the value of wow.
And the other 6 links are in the heights of value.
And Chinas manufacturing industry is on the wow of value,
the profit is very low.
Take Foxconn for example.