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Profound understanding of emperor Qian Long's favorite -- Shoushan Stone

ring tone is the treasure of our country.
It is one of the four traditional stone seals.
Located in Fuzhou Beijiao City,
Jinan District and Lianjiang County,
Luoyuan county at the junction of the Golden Triangle area.
If veins direction can be divided into the mountains,
Yueyang three.
Because the Shoushan mining area early,
the old said Tian Keng,
Hill pit,
refers to the mining area in the field,
the water stream,
cave mining ore.
In 1500 after the mining of Shoushan stone,
the emergence of a variety of as many as 100 scores.
Shoushan stone has become one of the important bridges of economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges between the two sides of the straits.
Stone crystal Hibiscus has been mined in 90s.
Although the value of the guards,
mining is not a long time,
but this can also yield less varieties,
it attributes to convince the people to face,
still let many people love cinnabar frozen seal [half alive greetings] - kylin Laos steatite seals to get promoted soon