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LaMer skin care package lottery announced results, quick to see if you have wood North American boss has been turned brand

ring eChats mothers Day WeChat draw won the La Mer skincare campaign,
and today the result is finally out! Thank you for your enthusiastic participation! Come and join with the North American monarch to see who is the lucky dog of the event! First prize: WeChat users do not want to grow meat sophomore,
free La Mer classic products set a copy! Two prize: congratulations on the following WeChat users,
each person can get a Dealmoon T-shirt sent! Miss,
dont be discouraged if you dont win a prize! North America will have a series of wonderful activities,
you must come to participate! Maybe youll be lucky next time! How do you contact us for the award? No.
in the public subscription,
click on the small keyboard icon,
enter the message typing mode: 2.
replies mother micro channel sweepstakes I won the lottery,
and then wait for our further contact with you! Please quickly contact with North American fans more than you! Well send the reward at the first time! Do