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In the Ashkenazi three heroes pinch not creative M3 and how to choose between 435i convertible

ring udget,
even within the same brand,
can be very different.
M3 and 435i convertible,
how to choose? The E92 factory we were looking for was in August 2011,
and more than a year later,
the same factory from Regensburg,
down the line,
was next to the 435i,
Perhaps you would say that M3 and ordinary 4 are simply not comparable,
I agree,
but if you look at the price,
you will find that this very good M3 price is much cheaper than this convertible 435i.
In other words,
youve just seen the 4 line convertible,
and you think 3.
0Ts power is pretty good,
but when you turn around,
you find an old M3,
next to you,
with a 4 liter V8 engine lurking underneath the raised engine compartment.
You can also go and look at the new M3/M4,
but they are also 6 cylinder engines,
but the price is 200 thousand yuan higher.
Of course,
a sub price goods,
no one knows the truth,
BMW M department was founded more than 40 years,
has been committed to the development of high performance models,
in various types o