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Group SoccerSouls Van Gaal's three main reasons for class

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according to SoccerSouls news,
Manchester Uniteds season goal should be League champion,
now this team into the struggle for four quagmire.
Manchester United are losing ground after spending heavily on European giants.
This can be attributed to injury problems or poor performance,
but there is no doubt that this season has become the Reds worst season.
The team did well at the start of the season,
with Manchester United beating Tottenham in the opening game,
and the fans decided that this year would be the year of the red devils.
But as the season draws to a close,
the team is struggling for four.
There is no doubt that ruined the Upton stadium to Manchester United in the top four hopes to defeat West Ham in the League war,
only the last round of the case,
still lags behind the fourth Manchester united.
Here are three reasons why Van Gaal has to finish class.
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