chrome hearts

Giant network, a surging China Captain about anti violence

ring nd Pai Pai Shu Wen Hua said before the dawn of time,
and turbidity such as chicken,
Pangu was born in the.
At the age of one hundred and eight thousand,
heaven and earth opened up,
the sun was clear and the sky was cloudy.
After Pangu fell tired,
the body became all things.
In the following thousands of years,
from Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns,
to all the children of the Yellow Emperor Hui of the Republic of life and growth in nature.
The birth of a lot of famous through the ages,
immortal hero story.
it is time for heroes to awaken.
some media have disclosed that the director Russells brother signed an action science fiction movie hero awakening during the visit to China with the Chinese company.
They revealed that it would be a Chinese story that blends elements of Hollywood technology,
and the 2 will act as producer in the film to create the first localization super hero - Captain of the Chinese team.
Whether the news is true news,
or just a gimmick,
another gold med