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Concern foreign media said that Philippines's new president speech on Sino US policy toward fee drifting suspicion

ring News Network May 13 news media said,
Rodrigo Dutewart is the next president of Philippines is basically a foregone conclusion,
he hinted that he will by emphasizing the economic ties between the Philippines,
trying a new way to treat China.
According to the New York Times website reported on May 12th,
he said China used strong language activities in the South China Sea during the campaign,
he said he will be riding a motorboat to the disputed islands and Sprat (i.
Chinese Spratly Islands),
the Philippines flag at the.
But he also said that he will seek a connection to Manila Beijing aided the southern Mindanao railway,
where he had served as mayor of Davao City in recent 20 years.
He even claimed that if China built that railway,
he would shut up on the South China sea.
* Walter supporters at a campaign rally in Manila.
(New York Times website) development,
not deterrence - that will be the policy of the South China Sea,
said Richard Javad Hedarien,
a political science professor at the La