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China will replace Hollywood as the new center of the world's film industry

ring om / the Wall Street journal,
will China take the place of Hollywood as the center of global film making? Some filmmakers in both China and the United States have endorsed Hollywood.
In winter Bona film group president in April 17th at the Beijing International Film Festival foreign films Cooperation Forum said,
compared with the conservative Hollywood film company occupation managers,
behind the Chinese film industry capital held in a number of entrepreneurs.
In winter also said,
the current market,
China capital surplus,
when China production can not satisfy the capital demand,
will inevitably bring about capital overflow,
Chinese capital is taking a strong stance to penetrate Hollywood.
The day before,
Bona Film Group formally withdrew from the Nasdaq,
and Alibaba group and Tencent Holdings Ltd China Internet giant investment.
Many well-known Western filmmakers who attended the foreign films Cooperation Forum,
including produced crazy Max: Fury road the British film producer Ian Smith and w