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China's Maldives can go without a visa

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Here is a piece of blue and magical waters,
a fine jade island like jellyfish floating in the ocean,
life and growth in nature,
amorous feelings.
Pure white clouds float in the sapphire sky.
All the beauty is intoxicating.
Here is the Zhoushan archipelago,
known as the island of thousand islands (Northeastern Zhejiang Province,
Zhejiang province).
The Zhoushan archipelago is the largest archipelago in China,
equivalent to 20% of the total number of islands in China,
of which 1 square kilometers or more islands,
accounting for 96.
9% of the total area of the archipelago.
The main island of Zhoushan Island,
Daishan Island,
Zhujiajian Island,
Qushan Island,
six Cross Island,
Jintang Island,
Lujiazhi island.
Since Zhoushan is the Kuril Islands,
the village came here first landed on the island to see,
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