chrome hearts

Seeing such a stylish wedding room, the mother-in-law smiled

ring  clean modern style,
more suitable for modern peoples living ideal.
Simple but not generous program.
When the designer was designing,
everything was considered good.
TV background to do directly stick wallpaper,
and then put a decoration,
very beautiful and concise,
Xiao Bian led us together to see how to decorate the design of post-modern style.
Designers of the whole floor is chosen to stick,
is white tiles,
very clean and transparent.
The living room door and wall are modern minimalist white tones.
The television background designer to do very simple,
direct wallpaper,
and then do the tracery decoration,
the whole TV cabinet and white tea table is very harmonious.
This sofa wall is vertical wallpaper,
simple white rice,
directly hung a painting,
full of artistic conception.
Childrens room from the living room is near,
directly using dual sliding doors to do,
the light can be directly transparent to the living room.
Restaurant space is a bit small,
designers carefully to the surface of the d