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Group SoccerSouls Van Gaal's three main reasons for class

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according to SoccerSouls news,
Manchester Uniteds season goal should be League champion,
now this team into the struggle for four quagmire.
Manchester United are losing ground after spending heavily on European giants.
This can be attributed to injury problems or poor performance,
but there is no doubt that this season has become the Reds worst season.
The team did well at the start of the season,
with Manchester United beating Tottenham in the opening game,
and the fans decided that this year would be the year of the red devils.
But as the season draws to a close,
the team is struggling for four.
There is no doubt that ruined the Upton stadium to Manchester United in the top four hopes to defeat West Ham in the League war,
only the last round of the case,
still lags behind the fourth Manchester united.
Here are three reasons why Van Gaal has to finish class.
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Daily Star Pochettino revealed lunch with Alex Ferguson

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Pochettino insisted that Sir Ferguson did not at lunch to him about Manchester United manager.
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China will replace Hollywood as the new center of the world's film industry

ring om / the Wall Street journal,
will China take the place of Hollywood as the center of global film making? Some filmmakers in both China and the United States have endorsed Hollywood.
In winter Bona film group president in April 17th at the Beijing International Film Festival foreign films Cooperation Forum said,
compared with the conservative Hollywood film company occupation managers,
behind the Chinese film industry capital held in a number of entrepreneurs.
In winter also said,
the current market,
China capital surplus,
when China production can not satisfy the capital demand,
will inevitably bring about capital overflow,
Chinese capital is taking a strong stance to penetrate Hollywood.
The day before,
Bona Film Group formally withdrew from the Nasdaq,
and Alibaba group and Tencent Holdings Ltd China Internet giant investment.
Many well-known Western filmmakers who attended the foreign films Cooperation Forum,
including produced crazy Max: Fury road the British film producer Ian Smith and w

Profound understanding of emperor Qian Long's favorite -- Shoushan Stone

ring tone is the treasure of our country.
It is one of the four traditional stone seals.
Located in Fuzhou Beijiao City,
Jinan District and Lianjiang County,
Luoyuan county at the junction of the Golden Triangle area.
If veins direction can be divided into the mountains,
Yueyang three.
Because the Shoushan mining area early,
the old said Tian Keng,
Hill pit,
refers to the mining area in the field,
the water stream,
cave mining ore.
In 1500 after the mining of Shoushan stone,
the emergence of a variety of as many as 100 scores.
Shoushan stone has become one of the important bridges of economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges between the two sides of the straits.
Stone crystal Hibiscus has been mined in 90s.
Although the value of the guards,
mining is not a long time,
but this can also yield less varieties,
it attributes to convince the people to face,
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Why is Taobao micro-blog's live video platform becoming more and more vertical?

ring millet live broadcast,
micro-blog also recently on-line live service,
hoping to rely on micro-blogs huge traffic will be added to the new live video services elements.
In addition,
Taobao also broadcast after the test operation for more than two months after officially launched,
the platform located in the consumer to live,
to attract consumers,
products through live of celebrity live products will be more advantage with fans.
From Taobao and micro-blogs action,
more and more inclined to live video server functional products,
prior to the guest,
YY Ying Betta,
belong to the pan entertainment platform.
to live video will therefore change? Vertical industry live video much demand? Broadcast industry is rising,
the tipping point is the recent live gaming game.
Although the traditional YY broadcast platform operation for many years,
but keep their turf and will not live out.
the intense battle around the live anchor began,
and even broke out the annual salary of millions of anchor,

Sing more than life

ring ers,
the bar singer is just a human jukebox.
How ridiculous it would be to talk about art,
ideas and musical performance at this time of the year.
Is life,
singing more than by Yue Lin sing,
feeling tired,
very few have.
In general,
the bitter work for a week,
the weekend is about three or four or five or six friends went to the KTV,
to stop singing Mic king,
are in this state.
People will envy the singers life,
singing every day,
enjoying himself,
enjoying applause,
and feeding himself on a pair of voices.
That sounds so easy.
Remember the film swallowtail butterfly in the movie,
said the actress,
I dont like singing.
I think I like singing.
Because I write songs,
I like to express my work to the audience.
But a song that includes more than just vocals,
and lyrics,
the most important is,
ideological content,
artistic value and spiritual height.
Music is art.
Personally feel that the show just giggle and flirt,
curry fav

Talk about three trends in wearable devices on CES, which is what AppleWatch should look like

ring  ago,
smartphones began to break out,
and the technology industry poured into many new players who had not been in the industry.
For example,
the current smartphone overlord apple.
It is also because of the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone began many years ago was concerned,
after years of development,
consumers are quad core,
eight nuclear concepts such as fried dizzy,
gradually into the bottleneck of the development of intelligent mobile phone.
In fact,
the entire consumer electronics market in the smart phone is still far from the top of the time,
they began looking for new explosive spots.
Perhaps because of the presence of MWC,
CES is a technology show that has never really played a leading role in mobile phones.
Outside the mobile phone outbreak point,
but CES as a big stage.
The new flashpoint also changes over time,
starting with the Google Glass,
smart wearable emerging.
Smart wearable three future trends,
if only on the first impression,
many people think that smart wearab